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Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

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Reading Comprehension


There is no 'quick fix' solution for developing a child's Reading Comprehension skills. Reading comprehension skills take time and patience. A skilled practitioner will shape questions that encourage a child to think. It's important to challenge children about their wrong answers so that they revise their initial thoughts. Incorrect answers should be viewed in a positive light as they can reveal valuable hidden insights about the child's current thinking and how we need to re-shape that thinking by asking the right question at the right time. It's important that we don't fall in the trap of giving the child the answer, however tempting this may be at the time because necessary learning will not have taken place.

We at Thames Valley 11+ Tutors are very skilled and experienced practioners at providing children with the right level of challenge. We use a range of practical resources and techniques that build firm foundations which then serve as a  springboard for further depth of understanding.