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Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

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About Thames Valley 11 Plus Courses

We are passionate and determined about ensuring that all children achieve their potential. We are experts at assessing the progress that children need to make in order to pass the 11+ exam. Our range of courses are very carefully structured so that we identify children’s strengths and build on these further. We will carefully assess where your child’s difficulties lie and provide a wide range of teaching approaches so that weaknesses are turned into strengths. We will provide just the right materials so that progress is not only maintained but also enhanced. Your child will thrive with Thames Valley 11+ Tutors.

We are specialists in Non-Verbal Reasoning

What is Non-Verbal Reasoning?

Non-verbal reasoning involves answering problem solving questions that appear in diagrammatic or pictorial form. Non-verbal reasoning tests allow potential to be measured as complex problems can be solved without relying upon or being limited by language skills. As these types of questions don’t require reading they can give a valuable insight into the abilities of those who have difficulty with reading and thinking verbally. Before we attempt to teach children how to solve non-verbal reasoning questions we ensure that all the preliminary foundation steps are in place and firmly embedded so that children can analyse and solve complex problems. We are determined in our commitment to ensure that children reach their full potential. Homework is set every week and marked by our tutors. Children are challenged about their corrections. We provide detailed explanations and further practise so that the concept is fully understood. We are authors of various non-verbal reasoning practice papers. Download our free non-verbal reasoning paper. Every question is fully explained. This is the standard you can expect from our non-verbal reasoning courses.

Verbal Reasoning – High Expectations at Thames Valley 11 Plus Tutors

What is Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal reasoning is understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating the ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.The true challenge lies in being able to perform accurately under very tight time constraints. Vocabulary questions present the greatest challenge in the 11+ exam. Your child needs to be able to make an inference that is presented in a sophisticated text. Your child needs to have a very thorough grasp of a wide range of vocabulary. Knowledge of homophones and homonyms is essential. At Thames Valley 11 Plus Tutors we have a systematic and structured approach to teaching vocabulary. Vocabulary is taught in a fun and engaging fashion, our children develop an intrigue for language which is always taught in context so that understanding is enhanced and maintained.