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Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

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Why does my child need to be tutored? 

Verbal Reasoning

The exam is a very challenging exam, unlike other exams it can not be taken again. The verbal reasoning exam consists of 3 main areas:

  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Code Breaking and Deciphering

Most children need tutoring not only to grasp the question types but to answer quickly and accurately. The exam content is not part of the National Curriculum and is therefore not taught in schools. We will equip your child not only with a thorough grasp of the question type but also your child be taught how to answer the question using the quickest method whilst maintaining accuracy. In order to ensure that children perform to their maximum potential tutoring provides the essential skills that will secure a place at a highly sought after grammar school or independent school.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The non-verbal reasoning involves problem solving using diagrams and pictures. Non-verbal reasoning is not taught in schools. Some of the questions require children to make detailed observations, notice a pattern and then predict the next part of the pattern, all within 30 seconds. Most children find this part of the exam very challenging, not only because of the unfamiliar content of the question but also because of the time constraints. Some of the questions are of a very abstract nature and most children do not develop these skills until they are older. A specialist tutor in non-verbal reasoning will ensure that your child is familiar with the range of skills required to succeed. Careful explanations, using a good range of practical resources will ensure that your child achieves a very high score.

Who are Intensive Courses suitable for? 

Intensive courses are suitable for both new students and students who have some prior knowledge. During intensive courses we always go back to basics, this gives new children a thorough grounding of the question types.

Our teaching is context embedded therefore children who have some prior knowledge gain a deeper understanding of the essential principles of the question types thus deepening their understanding, improving speed and accuracy.

What topics are covered? 

We mainly cover the tougher and more challenging aspects of the exam. We do not leave these questions until the latter part of the course. Children need sufficient time to process, practise and consolidate the tougher parts of the course so that their understanding is fully secure and they are confident when completing practice papers and achieving high scores.

Will there be a timed mock test during the course? 

There will be a timed mock test at the end of the course, you will receive a ranking for your child, types of errors made, a full explanation for every error made and further recommended resources.

Will any homework be given? 

Yes, there will be daily paper and online homework.

Is all the material included? 

Yes, all the resources and materials you require are included in the course.

What sort of feedback is provided? 

We give individual feedback daily at the end of the session, and also establish a pattern for your child in terms of strengths and areas that still need work on all of which will be fed back to you.

Who are the Tutors? 

All of our teachers hold a full formal teaching qualification. All of our teachers are experienced classroom practitioners. All of our teachers are CRB checked with full enhanced disclosures which are always available for inspection. All of our teachers are members of the General Teaching Council.

How long are the sessions? 

Sessions are 2.5 hours long. Each lesson includes the core skills, revision, essential vocabulary and exam content.

What teaching resources are provided? 

We use a range of practical resources to explain questions in context. We use our own teaching materials which are rigorously classroom tested. We advise parents about the best and most suitable commercially produced resources.