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Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

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Here are just some of the many recent testimonials we have received for our 11 plus course.


I was recommended Thames Valley Tuition by a family member whose children had been successful in the 11+ process. 

Living in East London and having visited a few local tuition centers, I wasn't convinced by the teaching style and classroom set up. I was looking for structure, comprehensive teaching and someone who would push my son to his full potential. This is exactly what you can expect from Bal Basi and Thames Valley Tuition.

The 6.30am start to drive to Slough on a Saturday morning was a small sacrifice for the first-class teaching and preparation my son received. He enjoyed the whole process, was keen to answer questions and demonstrate what he had learned. All the materials were provided, from pencils to dictionary to reading books and preparation test papers - Thames Valley have taken the thinking out of the whole process! There was never a shortage of work that needed to be done, but I truly believe this is the reason children, including my son, do so well with Bal and her team.

Having gone through the whole process, my son passed the GL test with flying colours, scoring 25th highest out of 1250 boys who sat the exam in our local authority; this wouldn't have been possible without Bal and her expert teaching.

I would definitely recommend Bal and Thames Valley Tuition for all your 11+ needs, you won't be disappointed.

Anoo 2023

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding dedication and skill you've shown in teaching my child Azaan. Your ability to engage and inspire him has truly made a significant impact on his 11+ educational journey. Your innovative teaching methods, patience, and unwavering support have greatly contributed to his progress and overall development. Your personalised approach to addressing Azaan's strengths and areas for improvement has been instrumental in his achievements. He has grown not only academically but also in confidence and enthusiasm for learning, which is a testament to your exceptional teaching skills. Before you, Azaan was with ****** Tuition, but I feel incredibly fortunate that Azaan has had the opportunity to be your student. Your impact reaches far beyond the classroom, and your dedication to his success is commendable. Thank you for your unwavering support, guidance, and for being an exceptional educator. Your influence on Azaan will have a lasting effect on his educational journey. I am thrilled to share five key aspects that exemplify the incredible impact you've had on my child, Azaan.

Personalised Approach: Your commitment to understanding Azaan's individual learning style and needs has been exceptional. Your personalised approach to teaching has not only bolstered his academic performance but has also instilled a strong sense of confidence in his abilities.

Inspiring Engagement: Your innovative and engaging teaching methods have sparked a genuine interest in learning within Azaan. The enthusiasm he now shows towards education is a direct result of your creative and captivating lessons.

Supportive Environment: Your nurturing classroom environment has been a cornerstone of Azaan's growth. The encouragement and support you provide have cultivated a safe space for him to take 11+ exam risks and grow both intellectually and emotionally.

Encouraging Progress: Through your dedication and guidance, Azaan has shown remarkable progress in his 11+ journey. The improvement in his grades, coupled with his obvious enthusiasm for learning, speaks volumes about your effective teaching methods.

Lasting Inspiration: Your influence extends beyond the classroom. Azaan often talks about how your lessons and encouragement have sparked an interest in subjects he previously found challenging. Your impact is not just academic, but also motivational and inspiring. Your commitment to education and the impact you've made on Azaan's educational journey is truly remarkable. Thank you for your dedication, support, and for being an exceptional educator.

Muhammad Farooq 2023

“Mrs Basi is absolutely brilliant, very professional, super organised and gives clear feedback on students' development. Always willing to help if the child has any doubts regarding any concepts. My son really enjoyed the 11+ journey and I would highly recommend Mrs Basi as she is an amazing tutor. She is always smiling and has a very positive approach to teaching. We are very grateful for all the support and exceptional guidance and for constantly pushing children to their best of their abilities is remarkable.  Meg 2024

I can not express enough how much I appreciate Mrs Basi's expertise and dedication to my son's 11+ preparation. From her insightful videos to her detailed feedback and individualised communication, she truly made a difference in my child's preparation for the grammar school entrance exams. My child looked forward to each session, which is a testament to her ability to make learning enjoyable. Her explanations were clear, and she managed to break down complex topics into understandable segments.

Mrs Basi's study videos also served as an essential resource for building a strong foundation in grammar, maths, and verbal reasoning. They were not only informative but also engaging and easy to follow. 

One of the aspects that truly set Mrs Basi apart was the feedback she provided at the end of each tutoring session. The tutor's insightful comments and constructive criticism were incredibly valuable in helping my son identify strengths and areas that needed improvement. Her feedback was not just about pointing out mistakes but offering practical guidance on how to enhance those skills. This personalised approach ensured that we could make meaningful progress with each session.

Moreover, Mrs Basi always gave timely responses to any individualised communication which was a real game-changer. She was always just an email or message away, ready to address any concerns or questions we had. Whether we needed clarification on a specific topic or had doubts about exam strategies, she responded promptly and with patience. This level of support was invaluable and made my child feel well-supported throughout the preparation process.

In conclusion, thanks to Mrs Basi's dedication and expertise, we went into the exam with a much stronger foundation and a greater sense of assurance.

Rani Makkar 2023

An absolute holistic approach to the 11plus. Each and every concept is clearly presented with Mrs Basi always on hand to offer the extra support when needed. Even when my son found the work a little challenging, he absolutely loved attending the sessions.

The learning is  bought to life, with all sorts of props and resources used. A truly unique experience for children, where the skills they learn will stay with them for life. The passion and dedication with which Mrs Basi teaches is evident in every lesson, a very experienced teacher.

We could not have done this without you, forever grateful to you for everything.




I would like to thank you for your hard work in supporting Avyukt in his 11plus Journey and beyond. 

Your patience, commitment and unwavering dedication meant a lot to our family. Your expertise in teaching put our minds at ease and we knew from beginning he was in good and caring hands.

Your teaching techniques helped Avyukt to love the subjects. The props and gestures you use in the classes when explaining the inferences in any story always made reading fun and interesting. Your significant efforts in planning homework assignments with clear instructions made the work so much easier for us that Avyukt enjoyed doing it. The calculation mistakes that Avyukt made in a rush were improved so much with your proper guidance. You always focus on the bigger picture and let the child work on all the steps before rushing to the answers. 

Your flexibility in catering for different exam patterns whether it be multiple choice or free-text were very beneficial as Avyukt appeared for multiple exams and cleared them all. With your guidance he has now established himself as a good and confident writer and this will indeed help him going forward in his secondary education.

You, along with Jasmeen provided your full support to Avyukt with the creative writing skills and we couldn’t thank you both enough for this.

In Avyukt’s words – “Mrs Basi is a great teacher in the entire world”.

We are pleased with Avyukt’s overall development which is way beyond the 11plus results.

Thank you so much for everything.




Choosing an 11+ teacher/ institute is a difficult decision. Mrs Basi came with high recommendations and she did not disappoint. What is different about Mrs Basi, is that she actually teaches the children. Her style is not about giving them lots of homework to do as a ticking exercise like some institutes, but she spends time ensuring the children understand the methodology and equips them with techniques to arrive at the right answer. I have sat in a few of her classes - she is well organised and fun but also commands respect. Her English lessons involve props and dialogues, some of which had the class in fits of laughter. My daughter who was coasting in school, suddenly started being invited to Maths and English challenges. I sincerely believe this would not be the case without Mrs Basi's influence. I am delighted that my daughter did well in her 11+ but I am even more glad that she is more confident now and has a love of learning that she obtained from Mrs Basi's class. Thank you and good luck Mrs Basi - I hope you continue to inspire many more children in the future.

Subodhini Gill 2023

"Mrs Basi's quality of teaching is outstanding. Lessons are well prepared and organised. My daughter developed so many valuable strategies from annotating texts to approaching problems more logically. I found the lessons to be very thorough and the homework manageable. Crucially, the emphasis was always on understanding the underlying concepts and that the 'real' learning was in working through corrections. I always felt Mrs Basi was putting extra effort in the areas my daughter was struggling and offered valuable feedback. Ultimately, my daughter has developed skills and strategies which will help her throughout her education".

Humaira Ashraf

"Can't thank you enough Mrs Basi."  

"Without your help and unique methods Rajveer couldn't have done it. Thank you for all your help and perseverance. Rajveer has learned a great deal from you. Wishing you all the best for the future".                                          

"I received my results today and passed with 121. I want to say a big thank you for all your help and support. I could not have done it without you. I really appreciate that you where there to help me whenever I got stuck on something. You explained everything so carefully".

"I really enjoyed the course, it gave me so much confidence and you made everything fun and enjoyable. Thank you for always believing in me".

"I would like to thank you for putting lots of hard work and all your effort into teaching us to pass the 11 plus. I felt you really cared about us … speaking to me personally over the phone in your own time when I didn’t understand something".

"Your wonderful, holistic approach to teaching raises the standard and proves that the present levels-obsessed curriculum is positively harmful to the childs' learning. Learning can only truly be achieved in a warm, positive environment, where spontaneity is crucial. You offer all of this and ensure every child enjoys and learns from the teaching experience. Rock on Mrs B!"